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The modular design of IF6020 system guarantees optimum adaptation of the solution to your requirements. Or in other words, you only pay for as much as is required. All functions are logically controlled by parameters, allowing the system to be easily adapted at any time to changing operational and technical conditions.

Interflex :: Workforce Productivity and Management Solutions

Interflex, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, offers complete software and hardware solutions for security systems, access control including card production, offline components and biometrics as well as solutions for workforce management including time management and personnel scheduling. With more than 14,000 installations managing more than 4.5 million employees, Interflex is the market leader in Europe.

The company, based in Stuttgart, has been active worldwide for more than 30 years and supports its customers from 35 business locations in 12 countries. Years of experience stand for maximum investment protection. From the development and production of hardware and software solutions through a large sales and service network to the maintenance of all systems, Interflex offers everything from one source. Strong partners and access to internal corporate group know-how complement Interflex range of products.

Interflex offers customer-focused, innovative integration of technologies, providing comprehensive system solutions that revolutionize the management of people, openings, and assets. A single database dynamically manages the flow of people and assets. By doing so, Interflex contributes to its customer’s attainment of business goals by helping to increase revenues, decrease operational costs, and increase the productivity of employees and other assets. The benefit to organizations is the opportunity to invest in technology that can grow and be used in multiple facets of business operations.

Interflex IF6020 System Manages People, openings and assets. The system utilizes a single integrated database that eliminates the need for three or four separate systems. The modular design of the IF6020 allows expansion of the software as customer needs grow. Interflex designs a user-specific configuration to satisfy the current needs of an organization and has the flexibility to adapt to a future changing environment. The basic applications include Security Access Control, Time and Attendance, Personnel Scheduling and Planning, Integrated ID Card Design and Production, Visitor Administration and Management, Project Time Recording, Production Data Recording, CCTV Management, Car Park Management, Canteen Data Recording.


The Basic Premises of Interflex IF 6020 System

  • Client/server and/or Web based technology for integration of the system into heterogenic networks.
  • Windows-Compatible layout and operation allow rapid familiarization and lead to a higher degree of acceptance amongst staff members.
  • Complete reversibility of corrections.
  • Automatic post-processing of the data stored in the terminals after interruption of the online operation.
  • Easy-to-read, detailed documentation for the management to assist in absence card files, overtime statistics and departmental sums.
  • Data exchange with all common computer systems via communication networks.
  • Generator for import and output files with flexible data set formats.
  • Certified interfaces for SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Paychex, ADP, and over 200 payroll systems.
  • Supported Biometric technologies are Finger Print, Hand Geometry, Face Geometry, IRIS, Vein Pattern.
  • Supported Credentials technologies are Proximity / Smartcard (Proxif, HID, Mifare, Hitag), Contact chip (iButton).


Access Control

Enables organizations to identify authorized and non-authorized personnel and controls people through doors to enhance security and economic efficiency.

Time and Attendance

Enables use of terminals to record and automate pay rules such as overtime, holidays, daily accounts, leisure time compensation balance, and bonus times.

Personnel Scheduling

Enables organizations to create an efficient workforce by generating an employee work schedule based on qualifications and availability of staff.

ID Card Production

Enables organizations to generate their own customized identity card.

Visitor Management

Enables organizations to receive and manage new and regular visitors as well as their vehicles.

Production Data Recording

Enables organizations to manage information pertaining to throughput times, production status and processes, and job-related workload planning.

IF6020 WebClient

Enables the users to access their account with the help of a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape.