WPS for JAFZA – Dubai – need help?

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This is the download link for the Companies Responsibilities Guide – UAEWPS-CRG01 – Version 3.4.0


What does it mean for an employer? These are the key responsibilities.

Employers shall
a)  Install systems and/or services from 3rd parties to produce the salary file in the mandated format as described in Section  7.
b)  Employ the services of their bank to facilitate the transfer of the salary file
to the WPS at CBUAE
.  Kindly note that the funding of the salaries must only
by way of providing the salary file through any bank where the account is
held. One or more banks can be employed to fulfill the salary funding obligation
for any month.
d)  Charges imposed by Banks & Agents cannot be deducted from the
wages/salaries of the employees
e)  All employees must be paid in the National currency (Arab Emirate Dirham)  through one of the agents of the WPS in the country.

Synergy Software Systems provides specialist HR and Payroll solutions to many clients in the region and has develoepd the necessary WPS interface and also the different file encryption required by certain banks.

If you require to select or imnplement a software solution , or guidance on what are the requirements and what processes you have to follow then consider booking a workshop for your management with one of our experienced HR and Payroll consultants.


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