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VTUK :: Gemini - Lettings and Management Software

Gemini - is a Lease and Rental Management Software from UK's leading provider of Property Industry Software.

If it's residential, commercial, block management, leaseholder or even short lets. Savings & improvements to client relationships will be instant. Simply awesome, astounding depth, fully operational in 4 weeks - as you may have guessed these aren't our quotes, just some of the thousands we receive daily from our huge client base.

So, What does Gemini do ?!...
Simply - does lettings & management brilliantly. If it's residential, commercial, block management, leaseholder or even short lets. Savings & improvements to client relationships will be instant, not to mention the priceless protection afforded by our constantly updated compliance model. Whether you are just starting a new venture and need help with legislation and administration, a large agency group looking to improve efficiency, streamline process and ensure excellence through best practice again and again, or as in the case of one of our clients a large franchise operation looking to deliver value with minimum support, through intuitive systems Gemini is the right product at the right price.

Letting and Management
  • Working in the some of the world’s largest Agencies.
  • Successfully managing over 1000 property practices world wide.
  • First to totally automate administration and web uploads.
  • Superb Marketing & Negotiator Skills.
  • Management Reporting Expert.
  • Multi Branch Management Specialist.

Gemini has been developed over 20 years and has in excess of 1200 users. This system is tried and tested and the development has been totally client driven. If it happens in Lettings & Management, Gemini deals with it and if the marketing changes or concepts evolve, then Gemini changes immediately. Gemini has far exceeded all industry expectations and now incorporates more functionality than any other Letting & Management System in the UK. It is fully automated and designed for multi-branch operations as well as single sites. Gemini controls residential, commercial and leasehold management.

  • In Marketing Gemini will
  • In Accounting Gemini will
  • In Relationship Management Gemini will
  • In Compliance & Communication Gemini will
  • Upload to your website.
  • Market your properties via fax, SMS or lists.
  • Allow full property and applicant matching.
  • Manage negotiator activity.
  • Prebook properties.
  • Allow "let only" transactions.
  • Applicant Management.
  • Manage daily and main cashbooks.
  • Complete full bank reconciliations.
  • Export financial data to Excel, Sage & even HTML.
  • Allow complex charging structures.
  • Perform payments via any medium including on-line.
  • Graphically represent your financials.
  • Allow calendaring, scheduling and follow-ups.
  • Produce letters.
  • Activate reminders for rents and tenancies.
  • E-mail statements direct.
  • Produce and monitor contractor work flows.
  • Produce all safety reminders.
  • Use legally backed documentation.
  • Give you status and income reports.
  • Ensures you have audits trails.
  • Produce all Inland Revenue documentation.
  • Network your branches & allow reporting.
  • Assign Negotiators.