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VTUK :: Aquarius - Estate Agency Software
  • A typical agency spends in excess of €8500 per branch on postal costs - Aquarius CRM will reduce this by 35%
  • The average Estate Agency spends €30,000 per branch in remuneration and associated costs each year on administration. Automation technology will reduce that figure by 50%
  • In a recent poll, the biggest complaint levied at Agents was the lack of relevant communication. Aquarius will eradicate this.

Whatever the market conditions in estate agency, the business is about people talking to people. Focus your time on communications and not admin with the industry's most composite business selling tool. The ultimate in sophistication using the worlds most advanced database technology and programming languages, this software is developed not on concepts of the mechanics of how a sale should progress, but on the real world and how a tool can not only ensure that the progress is swift and seamless but can also encourage team members to "act" proactively to maximise sales results.

So, Why should you bring Aquarius into the business ?!...

Well all the detail is unnecessary but here’s a flavour!
Right through from Client communications, to the production of sales and KPI / management information, Aquarius delivers.
Pressures on agency in the 21st Century come from many different areas and we set as our primary driver that a true agency software would need to :

  • Interface with other industry processes, such as web portals, convincing and banking systems etc.
  • Provide full protection in respect of compliance and legal issues.
  • Work seamlessly and integrate with others business process systems, such as accounting systems and management reporting.
  • Interface with the Gemini lettings and management system.
The Technology Behind the Power

In order to ensure that Aquarius is truly scalable we have written the software with a robust data access layer that can effectively sit on top of any compliant database. So if you should choose to move from SQL Server to Oracle or even Access then that is your choice. The software is written using the latest version of the Microsoft .NET development suite.

  • Data Choice of Enterprise Level Database Huge Scalability.
  • Accessibility Direct Database Connection or via Web Service Tablet PC Compatible.
  • Instructions Hot Property Function One Touch Detail Production.
  • Reporting Fully Customisable Export to various Media Types.
  • Advertising Auto Picture Resizing Fully Customisable Styles.
  • Matching User Definable Matching Intuitive Match Screen.
  • Viewings / Diary Shared Internal Diary Owner Breakdown.
  • Communications Letter Creation and Document Management SMS / Email / Call Lists Company RSS Feeds.