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Vicosoft - Virtual Construction | 4D and 5D BIM Modeling

Vico Software's award-winning Virtual Construction™ software and services help building owners and general contractors collaborate efficiently, improve predictability, reduce risk, manage cost, and optimize schedules on large, complex building projects.

The construction industry is changing rapidly. The increased demand for efficiency, shorter delivery times, and higher quality is pushing owners and contractors to adopt new business models and technologies which will give them a competitive advantage.

Vico’s next generation 5D BIM solution was created for this need. Vico Office Suite ™ is purpose-built for construction, and is designed as a tightly-integrated, BIM-neutral platform to which multiple types of BIM models can be published, synthesized, and augmented with cost and schedule information. Vico's BIM-neutral platform supports Tekla and Revit models.

To maximize efficiency and meet the distinctive needs of the various construction process trades and phases, Vico Office is structured in a modular way, providing you with a tailored, yet expandable solution and a consistent, easy to use environment.

Vico Software’s 5D technology provides unprecedented integration of design, construction and management processes, thus improving: Project Predictability, Optimizing Design, Cost and Schedule, and Reducing Costs.

Vico's 5D Virtual Construction™ solutions pioneered the category of BIM for Construction, and they remain the industry's most integrated approach to coordination, quantity takeoff, cost estimation, project scheduling, and production control. The benefits of VICO solutions and services have been proven on hundreds of building projects to date.

:: VICO Software - Virtual Construction Benefits in Different Phases of Construction ::

  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction
  • Business
  • Preventing errors in construction documents.
  • Faster and precise cost management.
  • Feasibility checking.
  • Reduced rework.
  • Compressed schedules.
  • Continuous workflow.
  • Just in time procurement.
  • Better on-site management and control.
  • Reduced waste.
  • Better built quality.
  • Greater predictability.
  • Reduced Sub-contractor bids.
  • Enhanced Cost control.
  • Greater consumer satisfaction.
  • 100% time reduction.
  • 3 to 5 + % cost reduction.

:: VICO Suite - Products ::

  • Vico Constructor
  • Vico Estimator
  • Vico Control
  • Vico Cost Manager
  • Vico 5D Presenter
  • Vico Change Manager
  • Vico Takeoff Manager
  • Vico Cost Explorer

Based upon the world leading BIM product, ArchiCAD, Constructor is the 3D design component of the integrated range. It interfaces directly with ArchiCAD to provide the link between architects and construction, but is also a complete design package in its own right. "Constructor Suite" is the generic name for the fully integrated 5D package incorporating "Estimator" and "Control".

In addition to providing the estimating functionality suggested by its name, "Estimator" is the heart of the data base informing the 5D integrated product.

With its unique combination of "Flowline" and "Gantt" operation, "Control" provides an advanced project planning, control and reporting package. In addition, it is the only product of its kind on the market, that was designed by planners for planners specifically in the construction environment.

"Cost Manager" allows rapid visual identification of cost changes between iterative estimates and equally rapid identification of cost and quantity change by line item. The software also provides a direct link to elements in the model to simplify communication. "Cost Manager" is freely distributed .

A freely distributed viewing and communication tool that allows visual access to key elements of the 3D, 4D and 5D models.

Originally developed for internal use by Vico service teams, "Change Manager" is now available to the market. It enables rapid analysis of changes between multiple design iterations with various options for communication and action. DWG and PDF files can be compared in 2008 release (available September 2007).

Takeoff Manager has powerful algorithm to read model geometry to produce construction calibre quantities.

Vico Cost Explorer grants the tightest possible control over project’s budget. It is a straight forward visual monitoring system, to grasp and communicate cost variance system and compare them to target costs.