Infor Financial Management System (FMS SunSystems)

SunSystems is a leading financial and business software solution for organisations globally.

This out of the box, parameter-driven application, provides financial, order fulfilment and e-business solutions delivering collaborative commerce capabilities. SunSystems has been developed based on the principle of providing international financial solutions operating on a wide range of hardware platforms, and backed up by world class service and support.

SunSystems has been installed in over 180 countries, meeting local, as well as international accounting requirements. It’s been used in many reputed organisations worldwide for its ability to handle business completely step by step from logistics to finance. With over 20,000 companies using it worldwide, it’s rated as number one software in mid market-place.

SunSystems has a unique approach to analysis, enabling the capture of dimensions unique to each individual organization. These can be used for any form of analysis projects, salespeople, products, etc. This approach to analysis has been key to SunSystems ability to meet the different analytical needs of thousands of organizations across hundreds of industries. In addition to the flexibility of the detailed analysis, SunSystems can consolidate data to secure a single view across the enterprise regardless of language, currency or technology platform.

SunSystems includes a suite of report generators and Business Intelligence tools that will deliver printed as well as electronic information. Full analysis capability and the use of standard and customizable reports enable organizations to go beyond the legal reports to create flexible, timely, meaningful management reports.

SunSystems was founded on the concept of portable software, allowing you move to the hardware platform that best suits you business needs, today and tomorrow.

SunSystems provides a range of information that can be imported into other software packages, for manipulation and presentation. This gives you the opportunity of a seamless integration of the accounting data into other information systems e.g. Excel.

SunSystems has been optimized for RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). This allows usage of stored procedures to ensure that operational performance is maximised.

  • Global Capabilities
  • Integration Ready
  • Flexibility Built-In
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Eliminate Friction
  • Distribute Information
  • Global markets need applications without boundaries.
  • Use SunSystems 5 to manage your multi-currency procedures.
  • All transactions can be held in base-currency, transactional currency and a reporting or dual base-currency.
  • Multiple language variants, we speak the language of business worldwide.
  • Integrate your core systems across the business and create a wide-area value network.
  • From easy-to-use interfaces and customer sharing processes, SunSystems 5 increases productivity and supports your open business processes.

SunSystems 5’s unique structure means it is equipped to enable change throughout the organization.

Expansion, acquisitions, multi-level consolidations, new reporting methods, changes in technology...

SunSystems 5 welcomes the challenge of change

Know everything with SunSystems 5. Your customers, markets, products, lines of business...Managers get a unique insight into every facet of the enterprise with SunSystems 5.

It's straight forward to capture the multiple dimensions of any transaction, so business risks and opportunities can be identified like never before.

Some processes seem to hold businesses back. But with SunSystems you can create user-centric forms and automated routines that streamline all your activities.

By setting clear parameters, employees can focus their attention on exceptional cases while SunSystems 5 gets on with the bulk of transactions.

For information to be valuable, it has to be accessible and meaningful.

SunSystems 5 includes a sophisticated report generator and reports library that will deliver printed, HTML or text files on demand. That gives the flexibility to offer internal users and external business partners a wealth of timely, accurate and clearly presented data.