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Few companies remain unscathed in the aftermath of the economic crisis. The economic uncertainty of the last few years made it difficult to set clear goals and objectives and sustain a financial plan to support them. Even as the global economy works its way out of a recession, CFOs have to rethink their attitudes and approaches to financial strategy and planning.PROPHIX is pleased to offer you this free report from Aberdeen Group ($399 value!) that reveals how driving improvements in active financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting can help companies to emerge stronger as the economy recovers.

Five Compelling Facts from the Research, Providing Actionable Benefits for Readers:

  1. Best-in-Class companies forecast with 36% greater accuracy than Laggard companies, 11% better than the Industry Average
  2. Best-in-Class companies are 106% more likely than Laggards to be able to reforecast as market conditions change
  3. Best-in-Class companies have more visibility into the organization as they are 66% more likely to be able to drill down to successive levels of detail from summary positions
  4. Best-in-Class companies are 58% more likely to have established enterprise-wide collaboration across departments / divisions during the financial planning process
  5. Best-in-Class companies have made 20% gains improvement in profitability in the last year through better planning, budgeting, and forecasting

This $399 “Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting: Will the Economy Emerge?” report by Aberdeen Group is brought to you by PROPHIX. Watch the NEW 8-minute PROPHIX Autodemo to see why thousands of finance leaders around the world use PROPHIX to empower their organizations and gain greater insight into business performance.

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