Model-Based (BIM) Estimating

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Are  interested in a tool that derives precise, construction-caliber quantities, based on the geometry from Tekla, Revit, and ArchiCAD models.?

 Is it true that can use use model based estimating systems very early in the design process, even when there is no model, only sketches and a narrative.

How can you quickly access the multiple quantity types in the model and customize  their specific calculations to account for consumption rates, waste factors, and conditions?

How can you work closer with subcontractors to  jointly reeuce costs and  negotiate mutually-beneficial contracts witha  clear scope ?

Can you convert  a legacy estimating database into a model-based system se.g. Timberline, MC2, or RIB ?

How cna you use a 5D model, estimators to guide the Owner through budget impacts:

  •   What would happen to the cost and the schedule if we added a 5-floor parking garage?
  •  How to determine the correct mix of retail and residential in mixed-use buildings.
  •  Compare green materials in terms of installation time, cost, and projected energy savings.
  •  Pinpoint which decisions have the greatest impact on the budget.

Whether you team works with Tekla, ArchiCAD, or Revit models, we can show your team how to derive construction-caliber quantities from the model geometry. See how to edit formulas for model-based and non-model-based quantities.

Access the information from past projects built with Vico Office, or bring in data form tioehr estimating systems  via Excel Import, and leverage all the data collected by linking it to the 3D model and its quantities.

As more and more detail is known about the project see the benefits of creating iterative cost plans  presented in an easy-to-read Excel-like interface. Click on any of the line item to highlight the components contained in the model to determine whether the estimate is missing any scope… and add it back in quickly.

 With the model and cost plan in place, the estimating team can work with the owner to examine the budget. With a simple stoplight color scheme, the estimator can quickly determine which building elements are causing a budget overrun, or perhaps have not been calculated properly

Model-based estimating is conceptually no different than the paper-based processes in place now – there are just different inputs and huge benefits. Let us show you!


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