Paper Monster in Your Office? Try Lasernet.

June 9th, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

There are significant unbudgetted costs associated with managing paper document . The average cost of materials and labor to fill a four-drawer filing cabinet is calculated at around $28,000 !!

  • ¬†Average time to retrieve one document : Paper: 7 minutes Digital: 4 seconds
  • Average time to re-file Paper: 3 minutes Digital: 0 minutes
  • Average total cost of retrieval and re-filing Paper: $2.00 Digital: $0.20
  • Average cost of an unavailable file Paper: $120.00 Digital: $0.00
  • Average annual cost of maintaining a file Paper: $3.44 Digital: $1.81

(Information from the Dartnell Institute and ODDSAR Publication. Dollar amounts based on a US $12.00 per hour wage, includes salary, fringe benefits, overhead and taxes. Includes materials, space and labor.)

What did it cost to produce those documents- paper, printer costs, labour costs, IT software??


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