The Hotel Show Dubai – ONEVision ipTV – or much more?

May 17th, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Our stand is set up featuring ONEVision.

I see a lot of pretty software but the test is whether it works

ONEVision has made huge techological leaps ahead of  other ipTV offerings that definitely delivers exceptional graphics. No longer do you have a set top receiver but a true pc that  does so much more, and does it in the room not at the server.  So, goodbye to latency issues and slow responses , server related problems and security issues, difficulties in changing  content, or  in interfacing.   Get multi streaming tv from almost any provider, or video on demand (not mere pay per view) . Access unlimited on demand infrmation about hotle services and facilities and book from your tv and charge direct to your room bill, and view the bill anytime you want via overlay menus so that you can keep watching your favourite tv show or movie.

We are very excited about ONEVision come to our stand and find out just why its been adopted by leading hotel chains.


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