Vico Software BIM Constructability and Clash Analysis

November 12th, 2009 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

It’s easy to think that you’re done with BIM after you’ve run a clash detection.

But in actuality, the true BIM has just begun. Not only do you need to organize objects in space, but you also have to organize the project timeline.

 RFIs turn into Change Orders which greatly impact the duration and cost of your project.

 When we hear the word clash, we are more likely to think about pipes running into HVAC cutting through a floor. That certainly is one very important definition. But Vico proposes there are many other types of clashes. Spot t misalignment issues discovered in Doc Set Manager and resolved in the 3D model. Look at scheduling clashes: too many crews in the same space and crew size/duration issues that lead to conflicts. Leveraged integration of coordination creates more opportunities to develop a better bid and a better schedule – true differentiators in a hard bid world.

 Hard bids have become the de facto bidding . You want to develop hard bid strategies quickly, but might not have time to develop a BIM;. You know you’ll discover change orders during the project, but you want to find those sooner;. You understand that coordination is more than polygonal clash detection. Speak to our Team about coordination projects, from the first drawing to the final brick.  Good software is critical, but best practices distinguish you from the other bidders; and constructability analysis versus clash detection is key.


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