Remote and home working

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Remote work is ever more popular due to the rapid technological

Organizations that adopt this model must allow their resources to be accessed by employees remotely. I

Benefits of remote work opportunities
This model has opened a range of benefits for both employees and employers. This model provides a suitable work-life balance for employees. The productivity of the employees sometimes increases substantially when they can work within their comfort zone. and are not fatigued with rush hour traffic. Collaborative working is much easier for dispersed groups with solutions like Microsoft Teams.Teams has already sold more than 1 million licences this year, as the coronavirus makes remote working a necessity.

Enabling remote work options to employees, a business can reduce risk of virus spread and shut down offices or skeleton staff and save on infrastructure and utility expenses.

Employees save on commuting expenses and reduce exposure to the virus or risk of transmitting to others. With schools closed for an uncertain period, and flights to and from home countries curtailed, right now it a necessity for many to work from home

Challenges with working remotely
There are a few common concerns with remote work. One of the concerns is the difficulty in managing remote workers and their work, as without direct supervision.

Any communication or access issues to the company application tools and software for remote workers can cause a sense of isolation and frustration for the employees.

Data security is another area of concern when company mission-critical applications are hosted in the Cloud for remote access. In this regard, the virtualization of applications and desktop environments creates easier and safer ways of remote access without the chance of critical data being compromised. However, not every virtualization solution is feature-rich, cost-effective, and at the same time easy to install.

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) is a cost-effective virtualization software solution to deliver mission-critical virtual applications and desktop environments to end-user devices anywhere in the world.

We offer a FAST TRACK package to enable you to deploy Parallels RAS and extend remote access to any users in your organization,to maintain business continuity. You can quickly:

- Utilize Remote PC functionality in Parallels RAS.

- Use Parallels RAS out-of-the-box with multi-cloud deployments to publish virtual apps and desktops, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

- Leverage on-premises infrastructure to quickly publish applications and desktops using our RD Session Host configuration wizard.

- Intuitive and seamless user experience (UX) on any device, allowing employees to access their workspace from anywhere, on any device, anytime.

- Enhanced data security with tools to help your organization monitor and secure applications, desktops and data in multi-cloud environments.

- Scale your IT infrastructure on-demand - quickly adapt to continuous workplace changes and demands for new applications or desktop types.

Supports multi-cloud deployments by offering fast, scalable, and reliable access to corporate applications from virtually anywhere.

The FAST TRACK package:

- Will not auto-renew unless you want to extend its use
- Will auto-expire at the end of term

A best-in-class user experience on any device—including HTML5 browsers, iOS and Android—retains your workforce productivity even on the go.

Parallels Client provides a local workspace–like experience on any device, keeping employees' productivity high no matter the device they use. Enable employees on the move to use the native touch gestures they know—swipe, drag, tap to click, zoom—with any Windows application on their mobile devices.

Parallels HTML5 Client provides a rich workspace experience, including support for local peripherals and file drag-and-drop. Employees can continue working on active applications and desktops even when switching networks. The HTML5 Client can be customized to fit specific departments or user demands.

Parallels Client permits multiple applications to run on your device. Different files can be kept open, allowing you to switch between them on demand. Functionality such as copy and paste can be used, including native gestures like swiping left or right to switch between applications and files.

Parallels RAS enables printing from any device, utilizing local printers without any configuration needed. The universal printer driver receives the printing job, compresses it and sends it back to the local device. There is no need to install local printer drivers when using Parallels RAS Universal Printing.


- 24/7 access to your applications and files. Because the unexpected happens all the time.

- One simple tap on your mobile device, and you’re connected reliably to your computer.

- Access it from any other computer through a browser and your secure Parallels account.

- Navigate your hard drive easily to find a file or photo, then copy or open it with a tap.

Test the seamless web access UX on our HTML5 Live Demo.

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