Construction deaths

April 29th, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

There has been enough bad news in the construction sector over the last year but the most chilling statistics have just been released in  Abu Dhabi

Deaths due to:
Fall 28
Road traffic 27
Falling object 20
Electricity 13
Machinery 7
Drowning/submersion 4
Fire/flame or hot substance 3
Suffocation 3
Other transport 3
Total 108

That’s more than 2 a week , every week  in one city

Tihis is the first time such figures have been released by a UAE government body and  comes after the welcome  decision to prepare a federal plan setting minimum standards for construction industries in an effort to reduce the numbers of injuries and deaths. Dr Jens Thomsen, section head of occupational and environmental health at HAAD, said it was important to release the figures so “the community at large” were aware of the extent of the problem. We endorse this transparency and strict enforcement of international standards for health and safety.

It is too late for those who have already lost their lives  and there should be a speedy introduction. Such figures are scandalous and in Europe would be considered cause for criminal action.


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