Microsoft’s Newest Flight Simulator- Wow!

October 14th, 2019 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

To get a feel for how much technology has advanced in recent years see this post

“The new simulator models the entire planet, including something like 40,000 airports worldwide. ” ……” The world in the new version consists of 2 petabytes of data — yes, that’s one thousand times bigger. The scenery is built on Bing satellite and aerial imagery, augmented with cool buzzwordy stuff like photogrammetric 3D modeling and multiple other data sources, all of which is streamed via Microsoft’s Azure cloud service

” …….of the scenery areas boast a resolution of 3 centimeters per pixel” ……… ” Throw in 1.5 trillion trees, individual blades of grass modeled in 3D, and a complete overhaul of lighting and shadows, and the result is an unprecedented level of detail for a flight simulator of any kind. True VFR flight, day or night, with real-world landmarks is now possible everywhere on the planet.


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