Spyware and how to remove it

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A useful guide on this site


Some commion sense advice from the post:
Have anti-malware software installed and running on all your devices.
Avoid downloading software from unofficial sources. While this isn’t a perfect guarantee of safety, if you only download software from places like an official app store, or the site of a major publisher, you will greatly reduce the chance of getting your device infected.
Don’t open an email from unknown individuals. And don’t open any files attached to such emails.
Don’t click on pop-up ads that suddenly start appearing on your device.
Keep your anti-malware software, operating system (OS), and your browser updated at all times. When a new spyware app starts hitting targets, you’ll want to be able to install the fixed version as soon as possible.
Make sure any browser extensions are current and look for options to enhance the security of the browser.
Activate your device’s Firewall (for those devices that have the option). A Firewall can block suspicious applications from getting installed on the device.

The most popular application to block ads on the Internet is still AdBlock Plus

uBlock Origin turns on the EasyPrivacy list by default. Adblock Plus does not.
The AdBlock Plus interface is noticeably larger and more detailed

The default configuration for Adblock Plus is good for blocking oannoying ads, but does let through some third-party scripts and tracking through. The user has to go in to the configuration and turn the EasyPrivacy list on, and many don’t.

Adblock Plus has an “Acceptable Ads” program. So firms with questionable privacy practicesare able to pay to have their ads allowed as “Acceptable” (Google, Microsoft, and Amazon apparently pay Adblock Plus huge fees to get their ads unblocked). The “Acceptable Ads” program aenforces no standards on malware or fraud—it’s all about how annoying is an ad.

So with Adblock Plus you have to take two additional steps to get protected after installing:
•Turn off “Allow some nonintrusive advertising” (the “Acceptable Ads” paid whitelisting scheme)
•Turn on EasyPrivacy.


uBlock Origin is completely unrelated to the site “ublock.org”.

See wikpedia for the history of how these apps forked form each other https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UBlock_Origin


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