Machine elarning – Azure cognitive services

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Machine learning is used in many applications these days, in fact, you are using Machine learning on a daily basis through a smartwatch or smart devices.

Use Machine learning is to make applications to detect patterns in the input provided Create an algorithm to detect these patterns to end up with the machine learning model.

Azure Cognitive Services
• Ready-made machine learning models that your applications can consume using REST APIs
• Create a learning algorithm, or train the model. Most of this is taken care of by Microsoft.
• APIs are hosted in the Azure Cloud are easily accessible and scalable.
• Cognitive Services come under your Azure subscription, and are consumed on a pay per use basis.

Many available APIs to address business problems.
• Azure Cognitive Services helps to determine the patterns and develop algorithms and to train the use of the data.
• Azure Cognitive Services are REST APIs that expose a machine learning model to the outside world.
• Your application will consume the Cognitive Service API methods to get the desired output.

Train Data:
Use Machine learning to analyze the data for patterns and to develop algorithm that finds the patterns in training data, further analyzes it, and maps these attributes to the correct answers or output.

Learning Algorithm: Learning algorithms find the patterns in the training data from which it can create a training model.

Training Model: The model is an output of the training process. After the model is ‘trained’, it is exposed to the client applications which send the data to the model and to get the desired response /recognized pattern as the output. The entire training process is a black box to the user, and only the ‘trained model’ is exposed to outside applications.

It’s not feasible to explicitly program all scenario and possibilities. Arthur Samuel, one of the pioneers of ML said “Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.”.


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