Ax 2009 Sp1 extended support ends April 2018 ask Synergy Software Systems for advice

March 5th, 2018 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

REMINDER: AS detailed on the official Microsoft Lifecycle policy page, Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 will reach end of mainstream support April 10, 2018.

Extended support definition is found here:

With the increase in malware and rapid changes in SQL IE Office and Windows the risk of compatibility is increased

More concerning is the constant malware attacks which give additional focus to unsupported applications.

This will devalue your system worth.

It may not be feasible to upgrade immediately but you should at least understand the options and have a future plan, budget and contingency.

its likely that an Ax 2009 system is running on older versions of SQL, on old hardware etc.
If an Ax 2009 system is to last you another year or so then consider some short term action to audit, patch, retune sql, clean up logs. test back up restores, recompile code, resize the database, etc is worthwhile. Performance typically degrades over time, as operations and data volumes change original configuration settings need to be retuned, old data purged, maintenance tasks run etc.

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