EdgeHTML 16 – a major update to the Edge browser.

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Microsoft is rolling out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to all its customers form October 17, 2017. By the end of the year, everyone who doesn’t actively delay its installation should have the update. There are numerous new and improved features included in this update, one less publicised example, is the Edge browser major update to a new version that Microsoft calls EdgeHTML 16.

This new version of Microsoft’s Edge browser adds several features and i some subtle changes to the interface. to support a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

EdgeHTML 16 highlights

interface. The new version contains elements of the Fluent Design System, which gives it a different level of depth and transparency. The change may not be all that noticeable at first, but there are differences in title bar colors and shading that give the browser a much-needed facelift.

With EdgeHTML 16, Users can now change highlight colors and add notes on the fly using the power of the right-click and context-sensitive menus. If you are into annotation, then the EdgeHTML 16 browser is built with you in mind. You can add highlights in four colors, underline, add comments or copy text. You also have the ability to Ask Cortana to find more information about the content you are reading without leaving the reading experience. To get started, simply select some text and choose one of the annotation options from the menu that pops up!

Or, if you’re reading a PDF, you can select the “Add notes” button next to the address bar to mark the PDF up with Windows Ink.

This feature lets you take notes with a pen or highlighter right on the page – perfect for marking up a draft, signing a document, or for filling out a form.

Microsoft Edge can now read web pages, e-books, and other documents out loud to make reading accessible to more people. To hear an e-book or PDF out loud, click or tap anywhere on the page and select the “Read aloud” button from the top-right corner.

One more useful features of this new version of Edge is the ability to pin favorite websites directly to the taskbar. You no longer have to rely on jump lists to get to your most important websites. Pinning a website to your taskbar will override your default browser setting, to use Edge instead. This isuseful for loading Office 365 in Edge instead of Chrome.

A small useful feature is athe ability to edit the address for individual favorites in the Favorites Hub or on the Favorites bar.

New features like web notifications and location services mean more sites may ask for your permission to access your location, webcam, or to send notifications, among other things. To help make it easier to keep track of what permissions you’ve granted, there is a new “Show site information” pane to see the permissions you’ve granted for every website you visit.

Another useful feature for a mobile-is support for an option called Continue On Your PC. When you are reading a website on your mobile device, you can send it to your Windows 10 desktop running Edge and not miss a beat—which fits in well with Microsoft’s concept of a mobile workforce relying on collaboration to get work done.

You can also now browse in full screen.

For developers there also a lot of technical enhancements for web apps, modern layouts, payments, and more.

There are many other new and improved features to be found in the new EdgeHTML 16 that relfect Microsoft’s business strategy of helping users connect, collaborate, and produce in a mobile and dispersed working environment.


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