October update Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (v2.1.0.30) Enhancements

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New capabilities enabled for this upgrade release
• Added Billing Type field on expense tax invoice line details.
•Added Role (resource category) column between Task Id and Transaction Category columns for Actual associated view.
•Improved performance by avoiding unnecessary WBS aggregation on update task.
• Localized label and better description for invalid action on MS Project label.

Below are the major bug fixes for this upgrade release
•Time entry created in the week of DST transitions to Standard time shows up on the following day. 
• Importing Estimate lines onto Quote line from Project for a 2nd time results in an error “record is unavailable”.
• Contract performance does not show milestone amount in the Billed amount for FP line.
• “Record Is Unavailable” error is shown after navigating to and deleting the cost side detail record from a quote line detail.
•WBS view UX issue with column heading width and Gantt scrollbar.
• European number formatting not respected on the quick create UI for estimated hours when creating project from template.
•In MS Project, after Find Resources and book a resource, the resource sheet is not refreshed.
• Hitting “This action is not allowed for projects linked to MS Project.” error when trying to book a team member on MSP-link project, with non-contiguous booking slots.
• Error pop-up when deactivating Resource Request.
• Generic resource is not using work hour template from project.

NOTE: This upgrade release can only be installed/upgraded for Dynamics 365 9.0+ org

Universal Resource Scheduling Enhancements
Below are the major bug fixes for this upgrade release
• Schedule board error when time zone set to GMT-3 Brasilia.
• Schedule board shows no resources available until switching from Hours view to Day view.
• Map pins are not refreshed when moving to next page of resources while in RM.
• Requirement map pin loses focus when searching for availability.
• Handle escaping requirement name on Schedule Board.
• Maintain Bookings not opening in the correct view.
• Cancel bookings route also showing in the mini map in schedule board.
• Hide inactive resource characteristics from resource fly out.
• Booking duration and percentage is not changing when cancel the booking after the moved bookings to different day. Cannot sort or filter fields added to requirement view on schedule board from other entities.
• Changing territory filter on board does not take immediate effect on the requirement tabs when Apply Territory Filter is enabled.
• On Schedule board, inconsistency in calculating the available capacity between hourly and daily view.
• Duration value is not updated when the requirement detail is deleted.
• Incorrect duration time on view details tooltip template in RM mode.
• On click of “Load Default filter” not clearing all controls in Filter control.
• Resource driving directions print window, print icon is missing next to print label.
• Add Fulfilled/Remaining Duration fields to the Requirement form.

NOTE: Enhancements and bug fixes for Universal Resource Scheduling apply for Field Service and Project Service Automation as well as other schedulable entities.


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