Charities and Dynamics CRM – let Synergy Software Systems explain how it helps.

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– Your website and its donations are in one database.
- Your email newsletter database is in another.
- So is your beneficiary contact history.
– That spreadsheet where you record all those contracts.
- You want to send personalised emails to your regular donors, high-value donors, and people who’ve previously donated?

Then you need an easy to use CRM system with a familiar look and feel that connects your people and your processes.

Resources in the third sector are scarce, so it’s vital they make a difference. That’s where CRM technology will help. Microsoft Dynamics enables you to reduce administration and focus greater efforts on your mission critical activities.

1. Drive Down Costs
Dynamics CRM connects all your processes and data to a single interface which reduces operational expenses by removing administration, cutting processing time, improving data quality and reducing manual tasks. Develop efficient processes using a centralised, intuitive CRM system by leveraging intelligent workflows that lower the cost of your fundraising, marketing, commercial operations and other activities.
2. Delivering Outstanding Service
Use complete detail about each contact and organisation in Dynamics CRM to transform the service you provide to beneficiaries, donors, members, investors and other stakeholders. CRM unifies your data including donations, grants, email marketing, applications, cases, outreach and other activities empowering employees and volunteers to deliver amazing service experiences across all touch points. Use guided resolution features, such as call scripting and policy adherence, and a process-driven user experience, all from a centralised view to increase agent efficiency, manage service issues faster and reduce cost per case.

3. Increase Revenues & Engagement
Whether it’s your local community, members, sponsors, service users, volunteers or your social followers Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps foster increased engagement with audiences across all channels. CRM connects with marketing automation services to profile contacts and use the power of this data to send personalised emails which increase awareness of your work to support fundraising and nurture activities.

Extended integration is available with Microsoft Social Engagement to learn more about your social audience and driving positive interactions with beneficiaries and other contacts through these channels including routing new service issues to

CRM. 4. Reporting Insight
Don’t be left in the dark any longer. Leverage inbuilt CRM dashboards and reporting tools to understand what goes on inside and outside your organisation. Unlock insights from your data by easily generating reports on the total hours volunteered, projects completed, time spent on service cases, the status of grant applications, donations received and other activities for a single source of truth and actionable insight. Remove guesswork by understanding which campaigns were most effective to replicate successful appeals and achieve your fundraising goals. Report with ease to trustees, regulatory bodies, potential donors, volunteers and the media with streamlined, accurate reporting on-demand from a single interface and data hub.
• Manage members, donors and beneficiaries
• Contain costs through efficient processes
• Complete view of donors and sponsors in a single interface
• Increase fundraising & commercial activities
• Report with ease for performance insight & governance compliance
• Increase supporter engagement
• Develop positive social sentiment towards your organisation
• Event management

Many charities and nonprofit organisations are entitled to Microsoft volume discounts on licensing for Dynamics CRM, Office 365, Windows 10 and other Microsoft solutions

These are just 4 examples to demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps charitable and non-profit organisations cut operating costs through efficient processes, increase revenues and delight their beneficiaries.


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