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Mimosa version 6.5.9 update = We are pleased to announce another new update to Mimosa Scheduling Software. This new Mimosa version includes the following features and bug fixes:
• For schools or universities applying personalised (or student-based) timetables, Mimosa offers renewed Selection optimisation in Tools menu.
Based on the comparison of currently selected and required courses by students, this tool automatically finds the course selection solution for students which satisfies the set requirements and uses the available capacity evenly and effectively.
Selection optimisation can also run also after some or all of the periods schedules are fixed • The user interface in

Timetables view
• New Help file content and images added. Mimosa proactively eliminates all possible conflicts in timetables

Mimosa prices ( are still the same as last year.

Simplify your classroom, subject, class and teacher scheduling with this proven solution used by thousands of schools, colleges and universities across the world.
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