National id card deadline

March 25th, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Assistant Director-General of Naturalization and Residency, major General Nasser Al Menhali said that residents must hold national ID cards by the end of this year, to hold ID cards as a prerequisite fto complete transactions provided by the ministry and other governmental departments nationwide.

The official urged the public to use the grace period, stipulated by MoI for UAE nationals and residents to obtain and accept the ID. The grace period will lapse by the end of this year, he noted.

He said ID cards will be used to streamline and speed up all the ministry’s services which include issuance of passports, for nationals, investment licenses, issuing licences for private security companies, announcement of tender calls, issuance of firearms licenses as well as certificates of compliance with civil defence security and safety requirements.

The Federal Law No. 9/ 2006 on the Population Register and ID Card System and the Cabinet Ordinance No. 201/1 for the year 2007 require all the individuals and their families are required to complete registration procedures as soon as possible.


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