Synergy MMS- for hotels – updated 3.6.0 released!

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SAI has completed the update for all properties using SynergyMMS.
Some of the changes incorporated into this update.

Duplicate checking now allows checking based on completed work request.

New Languages for the Desktop and Voice:
New Language for Voice only:
Manage Pools easier – Review the Pools based on Outputs and or MOD’s. You can now find all the Pools that an Output is used in by the click of a button.

Work Request
Receipts – Return receipt sent to the person who created the work request, upon completion. Never wonder if your work got done. Simply setup an Email address in the Employees area for the team members then they can choose per work request if they want to get a receipt or not when the work is complete.

See the Pool and the Output – The Dispatches tab now shows not only the output the work request is delivered to, but also the pool that that output is in.

Custom Views now show not just PM, but PM Generator vs PM on Demand.

Cancel Dispatch - Users with modify pooling rights are able to cancel an in progress work request. This means further delivery to the pool and or escalation will not happen. A new status symbol is then displayed.

Override Auto-Dispatch - Users with modify pooling rights allowed now have the ability to ‘NOT’ dispatch when in

In some cases Trade pools were evaluated not taking their time in account. We now evaluate the pool as a whole (Trade, Day and time) and if the work request doesn’t fit then it would look for Department pools to fit.

Preventive Maintenance
Grouping – Group PM’s to generate together (Simultaneously) or after completion of one (Sequentially). Group one or more PM’s to trigger generation at the same time as a parent, or after the parent is completed. Also easily review the grouped PM’s.

PM on Demand – SynergyMMS now shows the Check out date where interfaced to a PMS. This makes it easy to generate PM’s based on availability of the room.

Occupancy is now included on the Morning report. It is also retained for historical purposes.
Favorite Report Names are now longer. SynergyMMS now allows you 100 characters to name your reports and make these more meaningful.

Chinese text is displayed correctly for reports.

PerfectRoomIVR (only)
SynergyMMS automatically calculates and assigns rooms to Guest Room Attendants (GRA) based on credits and types of rooms. This allows for 75% of the process to happen with no user interaction beyond the click of a single button. Use the new IVR interface to receive assignments, complete service and update room status via any house phone. A printable list of assignment is also available for each GRA.


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