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Dynamics AX 7 will be accessible through a web-based client instead of a Windows desktop client. This means any shared in user will be able to access the Dynamics database through a basic web browser instead of needing to install customised applications on every system and device. Thus Web-based clients allow anyone in any location to access the different Dynamics modules. Having common web-based clients can improve productivity and facilitate business-wide collaboration on projects online regardless of location.
Access the client, anytime, anywhere and only one development UI to manage.
The user experience in Dynamics AX 7 is based on the same framework used in Windows 8, and being improved upon in Windows 10. This interface uses the hypertext markup language version 5 (HTML5) as a base. The HTML5 interface is designed to be lightweight and intuitive. It is context sensitive and the AX redesign is a dramatic departure from the normally bland windows and menus that have been found in previous versions of Dynamics AX. The new environment brings Dynamics in line with many other current Microsoft products. It will also make it easier to use Dynamics on mobile devices without a mouse or keyboard.

Following the pattern that has been adopted by many other cloud-first software developers, Microsoft will end version-based releases of Dynamics similar to what was done with Office 365. Replacing the strict versioning system will be an approach based on the deployment platform. Each Dynamics platform will receive updates whenever necessary instead of re-releasing the entire software suite. This will make it easier to stay current since compatibility problems will no longer be an issue with incremental upgrades.

Some of the new features that catch our eye:

Financial management.

1. Ability to export account structures to Excel
2. Functionality to view ledgers and advanced rule structures that are affiliated with a particular account structure on a single view
3. Ability to filter Management Reporter reports based on dimension, attributes, dates and scenarios (this is within report viewer instead of exclusively in report designer)
4. New functionality to manage budget vs. actuals and create ledger forecasts
5. Capability to create an unlimited number of layouts for budget plans and forecasts
6. Print the Vendor Invoice Transactions report with information from the Detailed Due Day List which includes the days past due.

Human capital management.

1. Ability to transfer skills and certificates to employees that have completed a course and/or class
2. Increased efficiency for verifying employment
3. New functionality to enable employees (and their managers) to edit their own personal information within the system
4. Encrypt ID numbers (SSN) for more secure data
5. Capability to view date effective timeline changes
6. Employee and Contractor lists are automatically filtered by the company you’re logged into.

The Warehouse management module released in AX 2012 R3, in CU8 and CU9, including planned enhancements, will replace the current Warehouse management II features. The new module has more advanced features and flexible warehouse management processes than those offered in the Warehouse management II features

There are some features that may not make it to the first release (e.g. support right to left Arabic text) so discuss with us before deciding on whether to go with Ax 2012 R3 CU9 or Ax7 or when to upgrade).

Note: to upgrade to Ax 7 your should be at Ax 2012 R3 CU8 or later.
(For many a reimplementation will be faster, less disruptive and more cost effective but you need to think ahead. Migrating history data seldom makes sense in practice- he pain of doing without it is usually shorter than the time to migrate! and the effort and cost is better invested into the new system.)


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