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Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions have a new upgrade delivery method called Windows as a Service, and the inclusion of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) as an SA benefit.
Windows as a Service acts as the transition from periodic major releases to continual updates, and it gives enterprise organizations added flexibility in how they update user devices.

Microsoft has three methods by which customers can receive updates:
1.Current Branch: Updates will stream to devices, akin to the present Windows Update. However, Current Branch users cannot delay updates.
2. Current Branch for Business: This model regularly delivers security updates, and it permits update deferrals for eight months, giving IT the chance to install updates after broad preview validation. Business customers can start testing as soon as preview features are released via the Windows Insider Program.
3. Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB): Under this more traditional model, security updates and fixes are delivered regularly, and organizations will be able to update at a service pack-level pace.

Windows 10 gives customers several options to manage delivery of updates based on their needs.
For example, Windows 10 Enterprise includes LTSB, which caters to devices with strict change management policies where only security and critical updates are required and feature updates are not delivered. Customers that purchase the Enterprise edition can add SA coverage to gain access to Current Branch and Current Branch for Business, along with the ability to deliver new feature updates after increased assurance of validation. On the other hand,
Windows 10 Professional only includes Current Branch and Current Branch for Business.
Windows 10 Education Current Branch and Current Branch for Business is available to active SA customers.

It’s important that customers understand the delivery method included in each Windows 10 edition, so that they can license Windows based on how they want updates to be delivered to end-user devices.

What in the SA coverage?

MDOP was a subscription license a customer needed to buy in addition to SA to take advantage of a suite of technologies that personalize the user experience, simplify application deployment, improve application compatibility, and assist in management and device security. With the release of Windows 10, MDOP is now included through SA coverage.
Customers interested in MDOP can purchase the Windows 10 Enterprise Edition with SA to receive this benefit.
Organizations renewing SA, through either the Enterprise Cloud Suite or Windows Enterprise, need to plan for a price increase due to the inclusion of the MDOP technologies.

On Aug. 17, Microsoft released MDOP 2015 with complete support for Windows 10, and it is now available for download for volume licensing customers (as well as MSDN subscribers). Microsoft has more details on enhancements to the MDOP suite.

In addition, Microsoft has published Windows 10 content to help organizations with planning and deploying Windows 10. Those resources include: technical demos, IT Pro FAQ and forums, system requirements, and details on key features.


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