Microsoft Office on Android – 24 June 2015

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Microsoft has announced that their line of Office applications has made its way to Android smartphones. With the latest release, Microsoft now supports essentially every Android device. Whether your screen is big or small, and your processor ARM or Intel, you’ll be able to use Office on your Android device.

Microsoft’s partnerships with phone manufacturers mean that these apps will also come preloaded on many future smartphones and tablets.

After launching the first touch-optimized version of Office on the iPad, Microsoft has gradually been building out support for Android. It began with Office for Android first launching as a preview for ARM based tablets running KitKat, with the final release working on Lollipop. Shortly after, Microsoft began supporting Android tablets that use Intel processors, like the Dell Venue 8. Throughout all this, support for Android phones was still absent. With some Android devices having screens that are 6″ or even larger, creating a version of Office for those devices makes a lot of sense.

Using Office 360 gives access to additional features:…
The default assumes you will sgn onto the Mcorsft cloud but for clarification, you can click the “skip” option at the bottom of the first screen after installing it to bypass signing in. and proceed to the app

‘Non selected’ countries may find that many of the Microsoft apps have to be side-loaded – the link says that they are available from Galaxy Apps worldwide. You can also try Google Playstore.


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