Child seat belts

March 23rd, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the Mideast to have a child car seat law.

This is a personal campaign.

There has been a lot of discussion about introducign a law in the U.A.E. in the next year or so. The same is that parents are so irresponsible that such a law is necesaary. Indeed I mgiht argue that an unrestrained child in the front of a car is evidence of an unsafe driver. If its not safe to drive using a mobile phone then it is certainly not safe driving with children jumping around. I overhear parents complaiin they children will not agree to sit an a child seat or wear a belt and I have to wonder how they ever got to be parents or drivers. With the generally bad driving in Dubai this is an even bigger concern. Don’t wait for a law do it now because its the right thing to do. Multiple accidents hapeen every day – it only takes one accident. Why do you wear a belt? For the same reason make sure any child passngers also wear one.


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