Software Piracy in Pakistan

March 23rd, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

This is a short sumamry of a fascinating article by Alamzeb Khan an Islamabad-based journalist that was published in the Simple Talk newsletter today.

An alarming 80% software – why? The government, and Microsoft, must recognize that, commercial software products are just unaffordable for most people. Microsoft Office, per processor, is approximately Rs. 30,000 (about $350), which represents the entire annual income of the majority of families. For most people, there is no alternative but to purchase pirated software for Rs. 100 (about $1). In Thailand the price is around 10% of this so Pakistan needs to negotiate.

The same issues face the entertainment industry – users want free content – but they also want quailtiy so there has to be some payment – the balance between attractive pricing and volume sales and the incentive to be on the right side of the law still has a long way to go in many countries.


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