Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services updates

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Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services latest release includes a reworked experience for managing projects. and is now the primary interface for all users..

New features
In the cloud hosted environments:
◦ Developer topologies to jump start AX solution development in Azure.
◦ Service accounts can be customized.
◦ Names of virtual machines can be customized.
◦ All topologies default to D-series virtual machines.

• Business process modeler enable import of library content by drag and drop.
• A new Environments section is added to the dashboard to better manage deployed AX systems.
• New roles separate out environment management, and to perform operational tasks:
- Environment manager - members of this role have access to all tools in Lifecycle Services and can manage cloud-hosted environments.
Operations user - members of this role have access to the following tools in Lifecycle Services:
– system diagnostics;
– issue search;
– cloud-powered support;
- updates, and to manage cloud-hosted environments.

On March 23rd, Microsoft will remove document tracking and project planning from the site and replace it with SharePoint integration. So for all of the projects for which you’ve used document links, ensure that you make an offline copy of the document list before March 23rd.

Project plans are replaced by Project methodology.
Project plans, phases, summaries, and advanced user role management will be removed around March 23rd.
So for all your projects be sure to make an offline copy of any project artifacts before March 23rd.


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