StreamInsight – Complex Event Processing

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StreamInsight is a platform for Complex Event Processing (CEP) to process high speed data streams from multiple data sources.
It is a component of SQL Server 2008 R2.

Uses for CEP include financial applications, fraud detection, manufacturing, surveillance of internet traffic and real-time business intelligence.

Complex Event Processing supports standing queries against continuous data streams near-zero latency. This differs from relational database one-time queries against finite stored data sets.


Performance and Scalability
Data quality
Time discontinuities – daylight savings and leap seconds
Combining real-time and historical data

A CEP Engine takes care of some of these problems, to make it easier to build robust stream processing applications.

Microsoft defines CEP as the continuous and incremental processing of event streams from multiple sources based on declarative query and pattern specifications with near-zero latency

Event Driven Architecture (EDA) is an architecture pattern complimentary to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Events can trigger the execution of services that may result in new events generated. The architecture is loose coupled because the emitters do not need to know anything about the consequences of their events to the consumers. It is also well distributed because an event can be almost anything and exist almost anywhere.

SOA 2.0, is now considered to be a combination of EDA and SOA – i.e. Event Driven SOA.


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