Management Reporter CU11

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Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU11 features:
• Drill into TOT rows from Web Viewer Drill down on total rows in the web viewer :
When viewing a report, it’s often helpful to not only be able to drill into the support account and transaction detail, but also into the total rows (TOT). With Management Reporter 2012 CU11, we can now drill into those total rows (TOT) from the web viewer.

• Ability to select closing period(s) in Management Reporter managed in Microsoft Dynamics AX

• Improved performance for integration and report generation

Note its important that this is CU11 build 2.1.11001.1 release or later( the initial release version 2.1.11000.32 was bugged.)

- AX 2009 customers must be on CU8 in order to use MR 2012.
- Prior versions of AX 2009 will use MR v2.0.

- MR 2012 CU6 – CU11 can only be used with:
– AX 2012 RTM CU4-CU7,
– AX 2012 R2 (RTM and all CUs),
– AX 2012 R3
– AX 2009 CU8 SP1**


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