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January 10th, 2015 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

The recent updated version of Infor Sunsystems , version 6.2 offers new features improvements over the Infor Sunsystems 6.1 which has is integral part of the Infor 10x suite.

On first impression, there are clearly visible improvements to the UI (user interface) and its also more web friendly and security is also stepped up too for the 6.2 roll out

More advanced features included introduction of the “Extended Analysis” module with the ability to carry out more enhanced and highly customized financial analysis on custom defined fields specific to the organization. This allows for a greater degree of customizability for organizations with analysis not restricted only to the standard fields.

Infor Sunsystems 6.2 also has improved language capabilities using Unicode and enabling languages like Hindi and Arabic with new character sets.

Users can now use dynamic form and filtering management as well as interface with other Infor modules using Infor ION and overall enjoy a more enriched user experience.

With the financial management software system market already quite competitive, the new Infor Systems version 6.2 offers a refreshing update with some great improvements, enhanced capabilities and will remain a strong force within the domain.


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