Prophix 11 SP3

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The new Favorites Manager provides the ability for Administrators to easily manage all aspects of users’ Favorites. For example, an Administrator can:
- use the Favorites Manager to add favorites for multiple users, – remove existing favorites,
- change the target favorite for an existing favorite,
- sort and filter all the favorites.

With the new Template Studio charting function, the data source for a chart is no longer limited to just a data view. The data source can come
from either a complete data view, or a cell range from within a data view or the template grid.

From the selected data source, select from a number of chart formats (bar chart, column chart, line chart, area chart, and pie
chart) and then customize thsoe as desired (e.g. adding a secondary value axis).

Prophix 11 SP3 now supports SQL Server 2014.

As a result, there are new prerequisite files for the client
machines (AMO 12 and ADOMD.NET 12) as well as for the server (SMO v10 [for distributed systems], AMO 12 and ADOMD.NET 12).

This means that any upgrade from a previous version of Prophix will require the customer’s IT department to install these new prerequisites before upgrading any machines.


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