SynergyMMS- Affordable Hotel Maintenance Management on the cloud

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Hospitality maintenance is like a puzzle. The complexity of that puzzle depends on the environment in each property, the local market, and the economy.

Often, maintenance is postponed or skipped due to limited resources, but this only delays problems which are likely to become much more severe.

Maintenance isn’t just fixing things, how well you maintain a property has a major impact on guest loyalty.

All hotels have beds, televisions and marble-top sinks. What sets you apart are: your prices, your service, and the quality of the property.

The effort put forth into preserving the asset and equipment will reflect in the guest satisfaction, the life of your assets and thus your costs, and your pricing and repeat bookings and thus the bottom line.

Hospitality maintenance is not an easy task in a 24 x7 operation and it requires coordination between departments and flexibility around occupancy. Limited staffing make s it difficult to complete scheduled maintenance since so much effort is placed on reacting to day to day issues -putting out fires. The problems are the same for al hotels in all regions, and the economy has not helped matters.

SynergyMMS delivers the tools for staff members to easily capture and to process work and provides visibility and accountability for work force management.
A cloud based SaaS module means no upfront purchase of license or hardware, and no extra workload for IT.

In hospitality, occupancy is a constant challenge when it comes to PM. With SynergyMMS and a PMS interface, properties can see which rooms are unsold and plan the daily PM . This reduces backlog and assists in planning. The PM Calendar shows future PM tasks and also the parts and hours required.

SynergyMMS supports unplanned maintenance actions including guest-focused response tools. Organize open work requests into custom lists per user to focus on what is important. Real-time information keeps everyone informed of the up-to-the-minute status of any issue. Audit trails and logs ensure accountability – every transaction is tracked.

The Pooling engine in SynergyMMS automates the distribution of work in SynergyMMS ensuring the work reaches the right person. Factors like: time of day, day of week, type of work and even location determine how the work should be sent out. Pooling can distribute work to devices such as cell phones, email addresses, DECT phone systems such as Ascom and printers. The Pooling engine will even load balance the distribution of work between members of a pool to ensure no one person is over-loaded.

The SynergyMobile iOS Application is a portable window into the program. Mobile staff members can remain up on the floors while exchanging information in real-time. Work request functions include: creating, editing and completing tasks as well as performing itemized checklist inspections for rooms and equipment. The iOS application is asynchronous meaning it can operate without a consistent signal only needing a casual connection for synchronizing when available.

The Multilingual Voice Interface is an excellent tool for creating a very convenient and comfortable interface with SynergyMMS. It is convenient because is utilizes any house phone to connect to the database allowing users to create accurate and timely work requests via the key pad. Simple numeric sequences ensure accuracy of reporting as well as quick data entry. An experienced user can create an accurate work request in about 15 seconds. The interface is offered in 10 languages; English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Polish, Slavic, Bosnian, Arabic, Creole and Philipino (Tagalog). Once the user enters their numeric employee ID, SynergyMMS looks up their preferred language and the rest of the dialogue is in that language eliminating barriers to accuracy of reporting.

The Multilingual Voice Interface dramatically increases the accuracy and timeliness of reported issues resulting in a better and faster response by Engineering.

There are lots of products that claim to manage maintenance so how is ours any different?

In a recent independent study SynergyMMS was compared with 6 other leading competitors and SynergyMMS was selected as the best choice based on ease of use, feature set and price – in that order.

So what does it cost?
Unlimited users/clients per property
Hosted environment (no local server required)
No license purchase
The Cost is an annual charge which includes enhancements and support, for around $1 per room, per month, depending on the interfaces required

SynergyMMS is built on 30 years in the business specializing in a single vertical – hospitality. Our intimate understanding of hospitality operations and our appreciation for the unique levels of involvement among the different departments and personnel is what sets us apart.

In summary, a comprehensive maintenance program specifically for hotelswill save you money and improve the quality of the guest’s experience. Synergy MMS is available through Deyafa Systems for the EMEA region and it is widely used globally by leading hotel chains. It helps ensure staff efficiency and accountability.
- Room/Equipment Preventive Maintenance
- Unplanned Maintenance Requests
- Guest Requests
- Intelligent Dispatching
- Mobile Application
- Multilingual Voice Interface
- Comprehensive Reports

SynergyMMS is the software solution employed by the world‟s largest and most successful Hospitality companies. Providing tools that are designed to support the roles of the many diverse users in a hotel, SynergyMMS offers non-technical, multilingual user-friendly interfaces for intuitive operation.With SynergyMMS the many departments at a property enjoy the following benefits:
- Improved communication through multilingual tools
- Increased guest satisfaction scores based on better quality of asset and faster response to issues
- Real-time status updates of work in the system
- User-oriented screens remove clutter and help users to focus on their tasks
- Inspection results recorded in real-time
- Trend analysis and comprehensive reporting
- Accountability improvements since work is completely tracked

The primary solutions SynergyMMS offers are:

Guest Issues – priority handling and escalation of guest issues
Work Request – multilingual tools make it easy to capture issues
Preventive Maintenance – both rooms and equipment
Inspections – with each response recorded for detailed quality assurance
Contact: Madhav Baru – 009714 3240066


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