More changes at SAP and Oracle

February 15th, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Oracle recently announced an agreement to acquire the privately held AmberPoint, a leading provider of service-oriented architecture (SOA) management tools. . AmberPoint fills some of the gaps that existed in Oracle Enterprise Manager.

SAP also announced further changes to its management team, most notably the resignation of John Schwarz, a member of the Executive Board and former CEO of Business Objects

Application functionality has been the primary selling point for both SAP and Oracle the platform are becoming more visible in changing the way the applications work.

Embedded analytics—timely, relevant information embedded in the workflow of an application .

Next-generation user interfaces (UIs)—the “unbound portal.” Using new technologies to provide access to information that’s context-aware and available in a format that suits the consumer/user

The need for better, multi-enterprise integration, as well as support for cloud-based deployment models both point to why the infrastructure platform matters

SAP urgently needs to sort out its strategy with respect to NetWeaver

Mid market erp vendors who rely on IBM and Micorsft for theior platforms are going to get squeezed ,or will have to find another platform fast. The likelihood is that there will be more acquisitions of infrastructure and platform providers and more consolidation of erp providers


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