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Hard drive head manufacturer TDK released a chart revealing hard drive capacity updates for 2010. – for 3.5-inch HDDs–the company is moving from 500 GB per platter to 640 GB per platte – so hard drive manufacturers can make HDDs with 2.5 TB storage capacities (using four platters), and five-platter HDDs offering a whopping 3 TB of storage – appearing on the market by November.

Led by Professor Tadahiro Kuroda, a team composed of researchers from Toshiba and the Keio University in Tokyo created a 1 TB SSD prototype the size of a small postage stamp, consisting of 128 NAND flash memory chips and one controller chip. The miniature storage device boasts transfer speeds of 2 Gbps, and also uses radio communications which will ultimately make it cheaper to manufacture – don’t expect to see commercial versions of the product until 2012.


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