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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designated as a Leader in the Sales Force Automation industry in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for SFA report. Microsoft’s vision is to provide a CRM solution that delivers an unbeatable combination of best-in-class usability, process excellence and agility. With the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, complemented with Yammer, and Skype, CRM 2013 is the ideal solution for all your xRM needs! Customers choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM for many reasons:

familiar interface
low TCO,
workflow engine
extensibility vi the xRM platform
the Microsoft technology stack (BI, Outlook and SharePoint),
its flexible hybrid deployment model.

Synergy keeps pace with technology. Our experienced consultants ensure both successful implementation of Dynamics CRM 2013 and continued support and enhancements.

We would like to draw your attention to some Technical Considerations for CRM Administrators contemplating upgrade to CRM 2013:

Support is being removed for:
• Windows XP, to run either Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook or the web application
• Microsoft Office 2003
• E-mail Router will no longer support:
- Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 for email routing and tracking.
- Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 WebDAV protocol for email routing and tracking.
(Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Exchange Web Services (EWS) will still be supported.)

Support will be added for:
• Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
•. Microsoft Outlook 2013
• Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.2 (ships with Windows Server 2012 R2)

Legacy features that are no longer supported
With the launch of CRM 2013, Microsoft is officially dropping support for legacy CRM 4.0 features. These features were deprecated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and will no longer work with this new version.

Dynamics CRM 4.0 features that will no longer be supported:
• CRM 4.0 plug-ins
• CRM 4.0 client-side scripting
• CRM 4.0 custom workflow activities
• CRM 4.0 web service API (also known as the 2007 web service endpoints)
• ISV folder support for custom web applications

CRM 2011 SDK tool no longer required
The Solution Down-level utility, specifically built for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update, is not required for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Due to improvements to the solution framework, this tool is no longer needed.

Removal of CRM 4.0 client-side scripting
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 exposed global functions and form objects to form scripting with JavaScript. If you use any custom JavaScript within your current version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then it is important to verify that this customized code does not disrupt a smooth upgrade to the next version of CRM.

How to identify whether you are using legacy features?
There is a tool to help you to identify and to correct unsupported code prior to your upgrade. Please contact us for advice on how to download, install, and run the tools below on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 organization

What does it mean to you?

On-premise Customers
On Premise customers have nothing to worry about. However if you would want to stay up to date with technology and ensure that your organization is at the forefront of technology, then let us help you perform the migration with ease!

Contact: Bikram – 0097143365589


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