Hekaton- SQL 2014

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Hekaton, what is it?

This is SQL Server 2014′s In-Memory OLTP technology, to make data operations run much, much faster on SQL Server.

It will run database workloads entirely from main memory, using memory-optimized table structures. This will replace the relational standard locking model with an optimistic concurrency model based on time-stamped row versions. The Hekaton engine also uses new, ‘latch free’ data structures.

For the database developer, these differences in database and tables means the loss of some important bits features of relational model – for example Hekaton tables don’t ( at least not yet) support either FOREIGN KEY constraints or CHECK constraints, nor are there aren’t any DML triggersr. Constraints allow a relational designer to enforce relational integrity and data integrity. Without those controls, ‘bad data’ can get into the Hekaton tables so for several classes of database and data, this is likely to be a show-stopper.

So it will not be easy to move a current database to he new ‘Hekaton SQL 2014. the database will need a redesign to replace table variables with Hekaton tables. Is there where Microsoft will go with its erp systems?What does that mean for upgrades?

SQL 2014 is also likely to support parallel processing/Estimates of performance improvements vary from 30x to 200x faster. Such improvements are likely to prove more important than other considerations.


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