Motorola TC55 touch computer – now available from Synergy Software Systems, Dubai

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New Motorola TC55 touch computer – for mobile workers. A major step forward.

• Do you have mobile staff?
• Do they need information and connectivity in one device?
• Is your IT department able to easily manage a mobile network and security across different devices?

The TC55 is a new mobile device: which combines the best features of:
• a traditional enterprise computer
• with smartphone functionality
• all contained in a package designed specifically for field mobility workers.

We are already seeing very strong demand for the TC55 across the region.

Enterprise mobility is changing; users expect to be connected 24×7 and as a result their professional expectations of data and real-time information are also rapidly increasing.

Consumer devices are becoming less expensive and more powerful and with increased Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) adoption they are penetrating across the enterprise.

The TC55 is our answer to this challenge.

At the heart of the TC55 is the Android Jelly Bean operating system (OS). While Android is the world’s most popular OS, it has always lacked specific enterprise features. To meet that challenge we have also launched Extensions (Mx) which fortifies Android for the enterprise with an added layer of security, manageability and performance features.

To further enhance our proposition we have also announced RhoMobile Suite 4.0 which provides enterprises and application developers with powerful development and deployment tools to accelerate innovation in enterprise applications and allow developers, and customers, to realize the full potential of the TC55.

Just call us for more details, or for a demo. 0097143365589


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