Mimosa school timetable software – version 6

July 21st, 2013 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Mimosa version 6.0 – We are pleased to announce a new update to Mimosa.

This major upgrade to the application and help files changes the terms used in Mimosa. This makes it easier to understand for new users and for those wishing to use it in non-academic environments.

Courses become Events to reflect the fact that you may also be scheduling: exams, meetings, trips, free periods, self-study periods, rehearsals, presentations, etc. and not just courses.The new names and renewed Tutorial are planned to improve the understanding the use and scope of Mimosa

More descriptive names are also used for the other key concepts in Mimosa -
Components becomes Resources,
-MAX becomes PLANNED,

However, the underlying process remains the same so, if you have already mastered Mimosa, you can continue to create your timetables with confidence. .

In addition to the changed terminology there numerous usability improvements and fixes to some minor bugs to make this the best Mimosa release ever!

Mimosa has a new web add-on, Mimosa Web, that that allows students to create their own custom timetables online from the courses you schedule with Mimosa?

You no longer need to publish separate HTML files for each timetable. Just upload one file and have your students create their own personal schedule!


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