Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail – Synergy’s view

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Retail often means both detail and complexity.
Retailers have to reduce inventory investment while they improve in-stock positions, increase customer service while they reduce labor costs, and decrease operation costs while they expand to multiple channels.

Add to these demands the need to consolidate acquisitions, fight off encroaching competition, and do it all in a challenging economic cycle, and it is clear that retail requires advanced business solutions.

Multi store data, mutli company and multi geograpy and multi currency, supply chain that varies from forzen and chilled, to same day make pick and pack fresh produce, to extended lead time imports, advanced warehousing and distribution, e shopping carts and home delivery, and custemer retention and loyalty are just some of the factors that demand both an enterprise solution and specific retail functionality

Microsoft Dynamics AX supports retailers to better manage their operations, processes, and relationships for greater profitability. The Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail solution starts a touchscreen point of sale with a barcode scanner but its much more:

Optimize inventory management and merchandising decisions
Gain insight into product, department, and store performance
Respond immediately to trends in customer purchasing behavior
Improve product pricing management with fact-based decisions

Support multichannel operations
Process orders and returns via any channel
Gather and analyze real-time, multichannel data
Respond quickly to customer demand
Coordinate and track customer interaction across multiple channels

Reduce stock out, shelf life expiry, over stocked discounting, and maxmise available shelf space throughput


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