Dynamics Ax Performance Improvement

May 25th, 2013 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

There are many reasons for poor response time e.g.:

Hardware sizing, RAID,
Poorly written queries, views, tables
Index design
SQl and Ax configuration e.g temporary table size, memory allocation
Lack of SQL maintenance e.g. defragementation, reindexing
Virtualisation set up
Data purging and retention
Frequency of batch tasks, workflows and alerts
Time out settings

There are speiclist permfromanc emonitor and trace tools to identify causes of poor performance. Best practise guidance on system set ups is not always easy to find and may be related to e.g. EP, SSRS, Management reporter, SSAS etc., not just to Ax itself.

We have done several audits on poorly Ax systems to significantly improve performance. We also provide solutions to resolve bandwidth and latency issues over a WAN , and to speed up i/o operations and to reduce latency in virtualised servers.

If your Ax system performance is holding back your business then please call us.


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