Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gets A Marketing and Social Analytics Boost

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Microsoft recently announced the acquisition of Netbreeze, a Swiss social media analytics and monitoring solutions provider, which specializes in social consumer relationship management. Microsoft plans to integrate Netbreeze’s strength in multi-lingual, social monitoring analysis with Dynamics CRM.

Consumer behavior is shifting via social media provides – consumers have a more powerful voice that . It is vital for businesses to track what is being said about their company and products online and to react quickly to build and retain customer loyalty. Netbreeze provides data mining and text analysis capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Netbreeze technology combines Natural Language Processing (NLP), data mining and semantic text analysis to support 28 different writing systems including German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Traditional Chinese or Mandarin and the ability to monitor a wide array of social channels including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and 6,000 online news websites, 18 million blogs and 500,000 message boards.

These new social analysis capabilities will be an integral part of Microsoft’s social strategy that will complement the recent purchase of MarketingPilot, which Microsoft acquired MarketingPilot last October to provide insight into campaign expenditure and marketing budgets, to better forecast future marketing campaigns.

At Convergence 2013 in New Orleans, Microsoft announced it will release MarketingPilot 15. MarketingPilot helps manage products, budgets and resources, and executes and monitors marketing campaigns and customer interactions across social and digital channels. The integration of MarketingPilot with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a welcome development that will greatly improve the IMM capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing Microsoft CRM customers with a powerful alternative to the Marketing Cloud.

MarketingPilot 15 is an online release and includes a MarketingPilot Connector andan updated user interface to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online. The MarketingPilot update will be available to U.S customers by the end of March and by the end of 2013 for international customers.

MarketingPilot 15 features a similar look and feel to Microsoft Dynamics CRM ) and offer a substantial range of capabilities including:
■ Digital Asset Management
■ Project Management
■ Collaboration tools
■ Spend Management
■ Budget Management
■ Campaign Management
■ Marketing Database
■ List Segmentation
■ Behavior Analysis
■ Campaign Automation
■ Lead Management
■ Landing Page Builder

The acquisition provides Dynamics CRM users with a tool to align their sales and marketing efforts and shows the lengths that Microsoft is willing to go to improve the integrated marketing management capabilities of Dynamics CRM.

“In today’s economic climate, [organizations] want to get back to growth mode. Automation is about productivity savings. Growth is about the new generation. Marketing is nexus of that,” said Bill Patterson, Microsoft Dynamics CRM program management architect. “We will make MarketingPilot a part of our family, to help our customers use marketing as a lever for growth,” he said. Patterson credits Bob Stutz’s leadership for Microsoft taking on an integrated marketing management (IMM) acquisition. Bob is the corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

A quote from his blog:
If you have a brand to protect, a product or a service to sell, then you cannot afford to overlook the wealth of information that is now available to you via social media. You need to be able to tap into the social conversation so you can make the right moves for your business. Lots of people would have you think that social is an end in and of itself, but we think differently. We think social capabilities need to be a natural part of the tools you use every day. We think you can get more done if social insights surface within your account records, if you can communicate with your social network within the context of an opportunity, if you can understand the influence of someone calling into your customer care department before you prioritize their call.”

According to Gartner, “By 2017, CMOs may have bigger IT budget than CIOs do.” According to IDC, “Marketing Automation is expected to grow faster than any other segment of CRM over the next 4 years.”

The pricing details have yet to be announced, but Microsoft representatives said it will have per-user pricing. The MarketingPilot Connector for Dynamics CRM is available for download now at the Microsoft Download Center. More information is available at and


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