Facebook messaging charges

April 9th, 2013 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Facebook Inc is piloting a scheme to charge users for messaging,when the sender is not on the recipient’s friends list. Users will still be able to contact friends, and those with whom they have friends in common, free of charge

The charging model is currently running in the UK, with charges varying depending upon a host of factors, including how popular is the recipient. meia sources to highlight that the charge is levied for contacting celebrities. Some messaging charges are as high as to GBP11 (AED62).

Facebook, in a statement to the Sunday Times, claimed the charging model was an anti-spam measure.

Without any claim to be a celebrity I regularly gets deluged by social media invites from unknowns to join various sites so social media Luddite that i am I for one hope this trend catches on and that it redces the unwanted mails that clog up my inbox and server.


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