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Schools have all the normal business requirements from Payroll to ITAM.

Most industries have clients, but few have to look after all of them, all day every day. In addition to the workforce, schools also have a large population of students to manage day to day. They may also need to run: libraries, canteens, hostels, buses. They have: attendance, access control and security challenges. H@S concerns range from safe use of laboratory equipment, to swimming, external trips, sports and gymnastics. There is a level of parental protection care expected of a school which requires both careful vetting and on going training of staff.

There may be complex fee and billing arrangements. There are statutory compliance regulations, audits and reports. There is complex timetabling, and staff and pupil and room scheduling, and another round for exam scheduling. Each year brings a major change in the student base. Parent meetings, school events, student marks and gradings, as well as staff appraisal.

During a pre-recession Billl Gates visit to Dubai, the opening speaker made the point that local education results were lower than Ghana, but the per capita income was higher than Germany and that is a challenge for the future leadrship of the country. There has been a huge, commendable U.A.E. givernment initiative to raise education standards.

There is said to be more than 50% of the regional arab population under the age of 20. This demographic statistic is another factor leading to increasing focus on the education sector, and the government intiative to bulld many more schools. We have already seen the success of Knowledge Village and Academic City. The holistic vision of the Emirati leadership and the medium term strategy plans place heavy emphasis on education and the transition to a knowledge economy.

The availability of expert teachers to support this expansion will be a factor. Economies of scale may encourage larger schools, but those will be more complex to manage.Technology has an increasing part to play to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of education and learning. Virtual learning, multi media, collaboration workspaces, homework assignment and on line submission with detailed reporting tools are becoming standard requirements.

Synergy Software Systems offers specialist solutions from proven international vendors.

For example:

Timetabling software

– track on and off the school bus,
– arrival and departure times for students and staff
– entry to library and id for check out,
– cashless payment for canteen, add rifd tags to your library books and use our specially designed kiosks for self check out, and interface to our advanced library mangement solution
- tag and track all assets and manage the asset register and financial depreciations.

ITAM for schools – numerous features
Monitor and manage student use of the internet, banned sites, time spent on what type of activity, what searches done, restrict time on line etc

Increasing use of mobile platforms – ask about our mobile framwork and integration to moiblise your requirements, and our tools for Mobile device management, tracking and policy enforcement.

This is just a sample of what we offer for modern school management- as well as our traditional financial and erp systems for back office operations – all delivered and supported locally.


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