Some Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 workflow enhancements. Ask Synergy Software Systems for more information

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Microsoft Dynamics AX workflow engine needs integration with the outlook email engine.. This is tohave direct approval or rejection options within the emails receives from the Dynamics AX workflow engine regarding documents pending for review in AX.

For example, an employee enters a timesheet, and then submits it to his or her manager for approval. The manager receives an email message requesting approval. The email message contains a link to the timesheet that the user entered.

The R2 release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 makes this possible.

Budget plan workflows are also introduced with R2.

The Workflow cube provides data that can help you to track the performance and degree of automation associated with business processes in your organization, which will enable you to identify processes that have become inefficient.

Timesheets approval of workers based on a Managerial Hierarchy.

When you setup the Timesheet review workflow as “Hierarchy” based and setup appropriate reporting positions for the workers, you will notice that the timesheet when submitted “by a Delegate” for an employee, will get routed/assigned to the reporting manager of the delegate(who submits the timesheet), instead of getting assigned to the reporting manager of the actual employee.

However in the R2 release of AX 2012, this issue is taken care by the introduction of a small “Design change” in the workflow configuration. In the R2 release, you will be able to select “Worker” as the “Start from” location for the workflow. This will ensure that the timesheets even though submitted by a delegate, will get routed/assigned to the reporting manager of the timesheet worker/employee, but not to the reporting manager of the delegate.


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