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As this blog approaches its 1,000th entry, and retirement does not seem so far away, a happier milestone is the arrival of my 19th grandchild who is arriving in a totally different world from the post war Britain of my childhood.That was was followed by the rock and roll 50s, swinging 60s. punk, house, garage, grunge, with similar changes in politics. The British Empire was already crumbling when I was born and is now little more than a historical anachronism. Technology too has  transformed- I remember early portable calculators the size of typewriters , a world with no fax machines, no emails, no mobile phones, no ipads, no Google, no facebook, no internet, you grew and washed your own lettuce, IT meant huge departments of punch clerks, when erp ran once a month and took another month to analyse the output, when RAM was $5 a MB and computers still seemed to run faster, and fast food meant a sandwich.

Now  we have space flight holidays, Surface, Google Glass, Twitter, Big data, cars that park themselves, near field communication, global warming, genetically modified food, and a new world for a new generation.


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