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In today’s economic climate, organisations  continually face an ever  greater need to ananlyse fiancial date todrive down cost and improve efficiencies, and to provide compliance to intenratioanl financial standards. To meet these challenges, a flexible, robust finance system that is easily configured and adaptable to change is required to control operations. Sounds obvious but many organisations do not get  value out of their existing financial management system and feed it with data and have little information in return.  Significant improvements can be made with the right technology and support.

 Infor SunSystems is an integrated approach to improved corporate performance. The solution is delivered with our proven  methodology within 3-4 weeks of commencing the project and  much less for a rollout to new sites with the same build. This implementation approach drives down the cost of deployment by up to 50% without cutting corners, reduces both project risk and minimises disruption to the business.

At the heart of the solution is a single, integrated finance ledger that combines the functionality of the nominal ledger, receivables and payables ledgers, project ledger, cashbook, and user-defined ledgers.

Equipping you with a powerful, real-time financial transaction processing engine, Infor SunSystems lets you see the immediate impact of any financial posting.

Infor SunSystems has the following unique features:

  • unified ledger that combines the functions of a general ledger, sales and purchase ledger, project ledger, cashbook, and user-defined ledgers-showing the immediate impact of any financial posting
  • smart transactions that deliver not just information, but detailed user-defined context
  • global functionality that includes multi-language, exceptional multi currency features and multi-calendar, giving companies a solid international foundation that supports fast operational efficiency in new markets
  • open architecture that supports integration with other enterprise and financial systems, offering unparalleled interoperability
  • in addition to an easy to use SSRS report builder an outstanding Excel based reporting tool for Query and Analysis

Synergy Software Systems has implemented Sunsystems across the Middle East region since the 90s.

Infor confirmed last quarter the support and compliance of the following Infor SunSystems versions with Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This enables customers to migrate to the latest release of Microsoft SQL Server, the default available version from hardware suppliers.

  • Infor SunSystems version 6.1 (Patch Set 11)
  • Infor SunSystems 4 version 4.4. (Patch Set 6)

Infor SunSystems 6.1 (Patch Set 11) and Infor SunSystems 4 version 4.4 (Patch Set 6) are  both available.Please refer to the Patch Set Installation Note for version 6.1 (Patch Set 11) because a new installation mechanism is deployed from this patch set onwards.

(For Infor SunSystems 6.1, any database installation, upgrade, or utility processes carried out on SQL 2012 should be done using the recut DVD or ISO image. Please refer to the Upgrade Guide, ReadMe, and Installation Guide in the “Documentation” directory of the DVD or ISO image for a complete list of items included in the release or for more detailed information about the contents.)

Infor has become the leading provider of business software for mid-market companies by rewriting the rules, using a more open, authentic, transparent way of doing business. Infor’s no-nonsense software solutions on-premise, in the cloud, or both, give customers the ability to deploy faster with less disruption, act faster with more flexibility, and grow faster with better insight.
• Approximately 8,000 employees.
• Direct offices in 36 countries.
• Over 70,000 customers worldwide.
• Implementation and support capabilities in 100+ countries.
• Global coverage: Americas, EMEA, APAC.


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