Transport and fleet management – GPS tracking – home delivery for U.A.E.

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Where does erp start and stop. Usually ts aorudn inventory – when it arrives and youreconginse finaicla liability and when it leaves and you pass title on shipment   to the client.

So how do you know where the inventory is en route or,  hwo do you know when a vehicle will be available to deliver to a particuler client, how long each delivery took, or when do you fiind it out whether each delivery was successful, whehter a POD was signed?, How do you know where a vehicle is right now if you need to reroute it ?  How do you track the temperature of cold store goods during delivery? How do you keep track of incremental costs as trucks cross borders?.

If you have a large distribution fleet e.g petrol distribution, or a large retail chain, or you manage home deliveries – ecommerce, parcel delivery etc. then you will be well aware of the need for systems to extend traditional erp.

Dubai has beena major distribution hub throughout most of its existence. New ports and airports across the region, and ralways planned to link those with logistic and material cities will see the whole region increase its importance as a logistics hub not only for this region but between North and South and East and West.  Africa is growing rapidlythere is expansion and rebuilding in many areas of the region  and China and Europe will use this region as the point of entry.  Internet shopping and ecommerce and lean processes are  challenging traditonal distribution models, while high oil prices, energyy conservation and carbon emission control all call for better solutions.

Huge advances in GPS, mobility and dot net technology has provided us with the necessary tools to provide cost effective solutions specific to your business. Ask us about how WebXpress can  extend your exisiting systems to signifcantly enhance your supply chain management – just as it has done for many other logistic operations.

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