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So, for many readers it may be a surprise to learn that Synergy has been implementing mobility and RFID solutions since the early 1990′s. This includes Access control,  and T@A systems as well as large scale Asset tracking solutions, loyalty cards, etc. For exampe we have implemented solutiions for s shopping mall, an IT department, Hotel groups, a University etc.

RFID technology is making major advances, year on year, and delivering bottom line results in many new ways.

 JC Penney’s CEO announced the company’s plans to RFID-tag 100% of merchandise by February 2013,

 American Apparel reported sales growth in the second quarter and cited their use of RFID as a significant tactic  to improve profitability

We have been seeing more companies benefiting from embedding RFID into their products. We are excited about the new capabilities that are emerging and innovative applications that are enabled when Monza and Indy chips are embedded. The next version of the UHF Gen2 protocol  includes loss identification/prevention, item anti-counterfeiting, security and machine-to-machine interfacing.

 A recent annoucment is the availability of the world’s first RFID reader network application for the Apple iPhone.

One of our partners has just announced an advanced fuel distribution RFID system, in addition to their established solutions like Jewellery tagging etc.

Synergy also provdes asset tags, and tagging services and mobile data collection services e.g for annual count. Our solutions  work with integrated modules for Fixed Financial management and Planned maintenance, Capital project accounting etc.

Expect to see more innovative applications as the technology advances and mass production of tags reduces costs.


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